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The Manna House is a Christian mission in Northampton, England which operates both a Christian gift and bookshop and a professional Christian counselling service.

Gospel of Mark


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Gospel of Mark

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Gospel of Mark

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The latest of the four part film series which, word for word, recreates the gospels in their entirety through the most authentic portrayal to-date.

Breaking the cinematic tradition of Jesus being played by a white, English speaking actor, the Lumo project pours its efforts to creating the most true account of the four Gospels as possible.

Using the the very latest digital technology to create seamless miracles and realistic re-buildings of Jerusalem, as well as other towns and cities, the four part series is able to do more than was ever possible before. And filmed with very latest 35mm digital film cameras (RED Epic, the same company used for the visually arresting Hobbit films,as well as most other big Hollywood movies) which, for some of the the more sweeping shots, are also equipped with drones.

Not only with computers do the people behind the Lumo Project create a tangible 1st century Holy Land. Using the latest research in history, theology, and archaeology, they are able to create a series filled with a rugged authenticity.

Despite all the technological wizardry and thorough research, there is one thing that is always kept at the heart of these adaptations: The Gospel.

Each film present's the text of its Gospel unedited. No words changed, added, or taken away.

They are simply narrated in both NIV and KJV by famed actors Rupert Tim Pigott-Smith (V For Vendetta) and Penry-Jones (Black Sails) as the film's population all speak in the correct, era appropriate, Hebrew.

The Lumo Project has created the most immersive, authentic, and rich depiction of Jesus' life to date, changing just how we see the Gospel and their world.

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