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The Manna House is a Christian mission in Northampton, England which operates both a Christian gift and bookshop and a professional Christian counselling service.

A.D. Kingdom and Empire


Films, Music and Spoken Word available from the Manna House

A.D. Kingdom and Empire


A.D. Kingdom and Empire

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'The crucifixion was only the beginning'

Taking the end of the Gospels as its starting point, this follow-up to the 2013 Mini-series 'The Bible' shows the impact Jesus' death had upon the world around him. 

Following the impact that the life and death of Jesus had in the days of the Roman empire, A.D. Kingdom and Empire depicts the events of the book of Acts as the two worlds of God's Kingdom and the Roman Empire clash.

Experience the witnesses, Romans, disciples, and new followers who are make up the story of Christianity's first days.

Watch as Saul Becomes Paul, Peter and John face trial, Pilate wars with the Jews, and the apostles spread Jesus' life and death across the continent. 

This epic next chapter in the story started by The Bible Miniseries, A.D. Kingdom and Empire has again assembled a cast who bring powerful performances in their roles. These include Richard Coyle (Prince of Persia), Vincent Regan (Snow White and the Huntsman), Adam Levy (Gladiator), Joanne Whalley (Wolf Hall), Chipo Chung (Sunshine), Babou Ceesay ('71), Kenneth Collard (Anna Karenina), Ken Bones (Exodus: God and Kings) and Emmett J Scanlan (Guardians of the Galaxy). The series also features Argentine actor Juan Pablo Di Pace (Mamma Mia, Fuller House) as Jesus, starting off the events that will echo through the whole series. 

Behind the camera, the series has also assembled a collection of directors whose work showcases the very best of Television productions in recent years. With Ciaran Donnelley (The Tudors), Toby Mitchell (Primeval), Rob Evans (Mr Selfridge), Brian Kelly (Downton Abbey), and Paul Wilmshurst (Doctor Who) all helmin episodes in the series, A.D. Kingdom and Empire has immense talent on both sides of the epic production. 

Over 12 episodes, discover how early Christians rose up against the Roman Empire and spread the life changing word of Jesus throughout the region.

Told with powerful visuals, detailed settings and events, and dramatic storytelling, the story of the book of Acts has never felt more alive.

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Also available at the Manna House: The Bible, the epic 10 part miniseries that kicks of A.D. Kingdom and Empire.