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St Giles Street
Northampton NN1 1JW

01604 622 666

The Manna House is a Christian mission in Northampton, England which operates both a Christian gift and bookshop and a professional Christian counselling service.

Road Blocks and Speed Bumps


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Road Blocks and Speed Bumps

John Nightingale



At the back-end of September 2015 we wrote a post containing the fateful words:

One of the most frequently asked questions from our customers lately has been "So, when are you moving?"
We're pleased to be able to give an official answer to this burning question: The Manna House has use of it's current premises until 31st January 2016.

...but, alas, here we are in February 2016, still in the old building. It's fair to say we've hit some speed bumps along the way and so progress has been slowed somewhat.

So, we still can't tell you where we are going, though our sights have not strayed, but in fairness to all parties we cannot reveal where we are going until hands have been shaken and contracts have been signed. So for now, savour the suspense.

We can confirm though that we wont be moving before the end of April as we have taken a further three months with the old building's new owners.

We would request that you pray for us and our move: that progress would be made with Listed Buildings and that we would receive a favourable asbestos report in a timely fashion. And it would be nice not to have anymore surprises along the way. Pray also for those involved in negotiations and those doing all the hard work to get us to our new site.

Thank You

Thank you all for your patience and continued support. We truly appreciate all the wonderful customers who shop with us and keep this mission alive, and hope that we can continue to be of benefit both to the Church across Northampton, and a beacon to the unchurched too.