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St Giles Street
Northampton NN1 1JW

01604 622 666

The Manna House is a Christian mission in Northampton, England which operates both a Christian gift and bookshop and a professional Christian counselling service.

Community Page


Keep up to date with news about The Manna House: Bookshop, Counselling Service, manna4theworld and this site.

Community Page

John Nightingale

On your left is the shop, on the right, the counselling service. Tucked up in that corner is MANNA4THEWORLD and if you lift that tablecloth...yes, there's the church events page. Now where did I leave the Manna House News...?

We were very excited when we got to launch this new website. It felt like a breath of fresh air. But of course, over time, you find the odd loose thread and the odd hole. And in that respect, we had been trying to work out from the beginning, where and how we could post all of the other notices that get put on our notice board in the shop on St Giles Street. So, we had a little rethink and decided to create a new section called COMMUNITY.

The Community page pulls together all of the stuff that we want the website to do for you. We are here afterall, to serve the church as part of our mission. So it is now home to:

  • Church Events - a place to promote your Church's special public events, and a place to come and see what other Churches in Northmapton are doing. Maybe your church can connect with another and plug into something they are doing. Or maybe you have some friends who are unchurched and youd love to take them along to that movie night over there, that pancake party over here or to an Alpha or other introductory course.
  • Appointments and Notices *NEW* - think of this as Christian classifieds for Northamptonshire. If you are a Christian tradesperson, promote yourself here. If you have a spare room and want to open it up to other Christians, let people know about it here. If you run a Christian social group, advertise it here. Or if you need some help or some prayer, if it feels right to ask so publically, you can ask it here. And if you're looking for any of these things, then what a great place to find other Christians to collaborate with.
  • Church Voice *New* - An idea that we hope will take off. We would really like to post some interesting articles: a chance for people involved in any kind of ministry to talk about what they do. A chance for followers of Christ of all sorts and all walks of life to tell people what it's like to be them, in their shoes. A chance to open up discussions about different theologies and their applications to life. We don't want to write it all ourselves and tell you only about Christianity according to The Manna House, but rather we want to open it up to all of you to share something. If you think you have a blog in you, then come and share it with us so we can share it with all our audience. And the more content you all submit, the more frequently we can post, and the more likely averyone can find something interesting to read.
  • Manna House News - same old Manna House News, here to let you know what we're up to and how things progress for us. You know what it is: you're reading it right now!!

The Community page is meant to be YOUR page. It is meant to be a place you bookmark and choose to come back to visit again and again. It's also meant to be largely your content - that you and your community provide.

Use the application forms to submit notices, events and blog posts. We can't wait to hear from you!