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St Giles Street
Northampton NN1 1JW

01604 622 666

The Manna House is a Christian mission in Northampton, England which operates both a Christian gift and bookshop and a professional Christian counselling service.

Manna House News - May 2017


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Manna House News - May 2017

John Nightingale

Manna House Bookshop

Manna House Counselling Service,
73 St Giles Street,
Northampton, NN1 1JF.
Tel :- 01604 633304
E-mail :-


Ithardlyseemspossiblethatayearhasgonebysince the Manna House Bookshop moved to No 39St Giles Street. The year has been full of challenges, re-adjustments and some encouragements.
Thechallengeshavebeenmainlyphysicalinthatwehavehadthreemajorissuestodealwithsinceweoccupiedtheunit. Whenwefirst movedin, NationalGrid were replacing the gas main in Castilian Street and St Giles Street, this wasimmediatelyfollowedbytheStGilesStreetrefurbishment,  whichinvolvedthecomplete remodeling of the road and pavement. Finally,  inFebruary, our landlords decided to redecorate the frontof the units in our block and make some repairs to theroof which has meant even more disruption. Thankfullythisisnowallclear.

Thebiggestre-adjustmentforushasbeenthereduced space. No 39 is much smaller than the old Shop so trying to fit everything in has been an issue and getting the right balance of stock has proved to be a big challenge. We are slowly working it out and learning exactly what works in our new environment. Although the Shop is smaller than the previous one, we are
pleased to say that we are still carrying all of the usual stock lines :-  books,  bibles,  cardsandseasonalcards, candles, church stationery, gifts, fair trade sundries, communion wine and wafers, pictures,  journals,  CDs,  DVDs,  jewellery,  christening,  baptism,  dedication,  firstcommunion,  confirmation,  weddinggiftsand much, much more.  The support of local churches and individuals is essential tothesuccessoftheShop.  Thenextyear,  hopefullyinterruptionfree,  willgiveusaclearindicationastowhether the Shop is going to be viable in the future. We are encouraged as the opportunities to helppeopleas they come into the Shop continue to increase and almost daily meaningful conversations are held.

The Internet business took a while to recover after the move but now is developing some good regular turnoverthanks to some amazinglygenerous donationsof books. Donations,  large or small areappreciatedand our thanks go out to all who have given us books in the last year.


Sadly,  thesmallChristianShopin WellingboroughclosedinMarch. We really appreciate all that Janet Burgoine, the owner,  hasdonetoservepeopleintheareaoverthelastfewyearsandwearehopefulthatloyalcustomersof‘AmazingGrace’ will become loyal customers of the Manna House.


Manna House Counseling Service


In the first four months of 2017 the pressures on the
MHCS and demand for our service has been relentless. The Prime Minister, Theresa May, in her‘Charity
Commission’ speech in January 2017 highlighted the need for more help to be made available in the field of mental health our question is when is the help going to reach local providers working with local people. Also, the good work done by Prince(s) William and Harry in
trying to break down the stigmas of mental health has given people more confidence to approach organizations like ours. This, together with poor capacity in the NHS and the recently announced closure of Northampton Counseling Service has combined to slowly increase our waiting list which is currently running at about 4 months. Sadly, without more resources there
is little prospect of the list being reduced in the short term. Inquiries via telephone and the internet are up and actual referrals have increased from 222 to 272 in the last year, up by 22.5% which is astonishing. Our resources are stretched to the limit but the sad thing is that we could reach more people if we had funds to pay more staff.

Recently, we have been encouraged in that our grant from the Northampton Borough Council has been increased for the year 2017/18 in recognition of our continued good work in and for the community. We have three 6 week courses available on stress, depression and anxiety which could be run to help people in the short term but at the moment lack resources to facilitate them at No 73 or take them out to other locations.

We continue to maintain a free service but do have a suggested donations policy based loosely on household income. The Trustees are keen to maintain this strategy so that we can serve, in particular, those who are unwaged. We do not want to add to the pressures already encountered in modern day life.

We would value your prayers for the team as several have had significant health issues in recent months, please pray for strength and healing.

If you want to know more or are interested in funding
the MHCS please contact John Nightingale or on 01604 633304.


""The future is something
which everyone reaches
at the rate of sixty
minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever
he is.”  
C S Lewis
Screwtape Letters

Prayer Pointers

- There would be no
more disruption to
the Shop & St Giles St.

- Individuals and
Churches will sponsor the MHCS.

- Increased footfall &
turnover in the Shop.

- The health and well-being of MHCS staff
as they deal with
ever increasing demand & deeply complicated issues.


On May 20th 2017, Phillippa Callan, the daughter of our Director - John Nightingale, will be attempting to complete the Great Wall of China Marathon. 26 miles + on one of the most gruelling marathon courses in the world. She has chosen the MHCS as her nominated charity and is looking to raise at least £2,500. She has set up a Just Giving page to enable people
to support her. To date she has raised just over £2000 which is truly an excellent effort. If you want to know more and/or would like to help her meet her target please go to the following :-
When you get to the site keep scrolling down until you see a picture of two Chinese girls and click on the video symbol and you will get a flavour of what she has let herself in for ! Churches can give direct via the Manna House marking the gift MARATHON.

Internet books available via -